Universities and schools have aced the utilization of digital marketing. Different social media channels help students interact with each others in ways that were never conceivable before.


Challenge #1
Understanding &
Using Social Media

Without making the right use of social media, institutes aren’t able to connect with prospective students online. No focus is laid towards creating relevant content on social media or on building the brand. Universities and schools must use social media in a proactive manner. Content should be built with the right mix of words and visuals to attract the target audience. Use of channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram should be done in order to achieve various goals.


Challenge #2
Multi-Channel Approach

Educational institutes do not utilise both print and digital mediums the right way to convey information about their respective institute/university. There is no focus towards building a community or establishing themselves as a thought leader in the market. An integrated learning solution that seamlessly combines both print and digital content is a very plausible solution.


Challenge #3
Becoming a ‘Top Search’

Most of the institutes do not carry a strong online presence that results in not being featured in top results on various search engines. Their content is relatively weaker as compared to other institutes and doesn’t answer the frequently asked queries of students. Through relevant and meaningful content, integrating keywords and inserting required links, it is possible to improve rankings by doing organic marketing.

By producing the right digital marketing solutions, we have enabled brands to make a name for themselves and made them capable enough to put their name on the global map.

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